1535/17: Video: Michi Hartman – Tenthousandspoons – ‚Long Road‘

Michi Hartmann (Foto: Privatarchiv)

Michi Hartmann/Tenthousandspoons – Long Road

Long Road Take me way back home Emilia’s solo:

„Where are my crow-coloured horses? Where are my reins? Where is my beloved, my favorite heart? My well got overgrown with grass and my beloved married someone else.“ Lost life a song about loosing one’s home and being on the run for the rest of her/his life music and lyrics Michi Hartmann voice, acoustic guitar, double bass, basic drum loop Michi Hartmann electric guitar, producing and programming Markus Hossack solo singer Emilia Niezbecka solo guitar Bojan Jasarevic solo darbouka Mahmoud Fayoumi thanks to all my friends and fellow musicians for their support, encouraging and help we do not use pitch shifters, quantization, face lift the voice is the voice, the guitar is the guitar, the face is the face if you like it you can make a paypal donation to mmichartm@yahoo.de if you don’t like it don’t but please spare us of hateful comments“


Keine Ahnung, was Michi Hartmann da bezweckt hat, es ist gute Musik. Ätherisch, leicht, fluffig und emotional. Großartiges Stück, eine Art Audiofetzen der Extraklasse.

Heute das Lied des Tages: Michi, die auch krasse Gitarren baut, eine krasse Frau und ihre Musik, krasser Stoff! Apropos: Der Rest ist verlinkt.


  • Krasses Brett: www.krassegitarren.de
  • Michi, hart Mann: www.michaelahartmann.de
  • Löffelweise: www.tenthousandspoons.de
  • Was das auch ist: www.krasserstoff.de (unsponsored link) 🙂