1704/18: Video: The Ultimate Pink Floyd Medley

The Ultimate Pink Floyd Medley (Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Comfortably Numb, etc.)

The Ultimate Pink Floyd Medley. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Wish You Were Here), Us and Them (Dark Side of the Moon), Comfortably Numb (The Wall), Eclipse (Dark Side of the Moon), recorded in one take.

Shine on You Crazy Diamond – Label: Harvest (UK)
Columbia/CBS (US)
Songwriter(s) David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright

Us and Them – Label: Harvest
Songwriter(s) Richard Wright, Roger Waters

Comfortably Numb – Label: Harvest (UK)
Columbia (US)
Songwriter(s): David Gilmour, Roger Waters
Eclipse – Label: Harvest
Songwriter(s): Roger Waters

Recorded live at Weltklang Studios, Plauen, Germany on 10th April 2017.
Martin Miller – Guitar & Vocals
Felix Lehrmann – Drums
Benni Jud – Bass & Vocals
Marius Leicht – Keyboards & Vocals
Michal Skulski – Saxohone

Torsten Solberg – Audio Engineering
Johannes Plank – Director
Patricia Kaschner – Video Assistant & Camera
Chrstian Roscher – Camera
Susanne Bartels – Camera
Martina Blazeska – Camera

Audio mix & video edit – Martin Miller

Additional Vocals – Martin Miller, Marius Leicht, Matthias Prokop, Martina Blazeska
Additional Guitars – Martin Miller
Additional Keyboards – Marius Leicht

Thanks to Meinl, Tama, Ibanez and Laney!

Es gibt ein Küsschen vom Tulip.

Er hat jetzt aufgehört zu weinen. Und kann sich bedanken für dieses Naturereignis. Danke, Freunde. That’ll be the day! This is the Saxony of today. God bless Ya.

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