306/10: Coole Covers: Pete „Wyoming“ Bender & Joe Kucera „I don’t want to…..“

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I don´t want to talk about it – Pete Wyoming Bender & Joe Kucera – live Yorckschlösschen 15.10.10

These both guys are living in Berlin, Germany, and they have had a life long career playing together on records, tv, radio and live. Aren´t they spiritual brothers? Or bloodbrothers? Pete yesterday: „I am not married with Joe and I better would not.“ – Their gig at the Berlin-Kreuzberger Music Pub Yorckschlösschen was well visited and if you are planning to do a townvisit, don´t forget to visit this „castle of Music“, which is well known and famous in Berlin. Additional infos you can find on the official website www.yorckschloesschen.de – have fun. The song is well known, sung by Rod Stewart in the seventies! (Filmbeschreibung bei Vimeo.com)

Rotz und Wasser heulten sie immer, die „Weiber“, wenn Rod Stewart den Song sang. Rotz