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JOHAN LEIJONHUFVUD MIGHTY MEZZ – VOL. 1 (Album out on 06/06/14)

Johan Leijonhufvud (g)
Christian von der Goltz (p)
Lars Gühlke (b)
Tobias Backhaus (dr)

After having released three studio albums and one live CD in Sweden, guitarist Johan Leijonhufvud’s new record will be presented by Blackbird Music. Johan played live with Till Brönner for many years and toured with Nils Landgren. Together with Christian von der Goltz (p), Lars Gühlke (b) and Tobias Backhaus (dr) he started his new project Johan Leijonhufvud Mighty Mezz. Their first release is simply called „Vol. 1“, a modern jazz album featuring old and new compositions in which Johan connects the sounds of both Malmö and Berlin, playing his semi-acoustic elegantly and passionately at the same time. (Klappentext des Promovideos)

Directed & Edited by Kasimir Zierl
Edited by Felizian Stockinger
Recorded by Ünal Yüksel at Blackbird Music Studio, Berlin
Mixed by Michael Ungerer at Blackbird Music Studio, Berlin
Executive Produced by Andreas Hommelsheim
Cinematography by Kasimir Zierl & Felizian Stockinger

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